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SB Project: Sketches 27 and 28

December 14, 2010

I grew up in Upstate New York, so Lyme Disease was always a big concern. I’ve had a couple deer ticks on me over the years, but thankfully never long enough for the disease to transfer (if the tick carried it in the first place). Several of my relatives haven’t been so lucky.

The Surinam Toad is an aquatic frog species. During mating, the female lays a few eggs at a time, and the male embeds the eggs into the spongy skin of her back. They repeat the process until the female’s back is honeycombed with eggs. After a few days the female’s skin grows over the eggs and they incubate, hatch, and develop from tadpoles into frogs within pockets under her skin. Eventually they emerge as fully formed, tiny frogs.

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