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Shelter Sketches and MUNNY

October 3, 2010

UPDATE: I was just informed by some volunteers at the shelter that Menka was adopted!

You might know that I’m in charge of Shelter Sketches on the I Love Rescue Animals blog. Every weekend I post a sketch of an animal in need of a home and this weekend I chose Menka, the one-eyed cat. This is definitely my favorite portrait of the 17 or so I’ve done so far for Shelter Sketches. Something about Menka’s long face really draws me to him, and while I usually have trouble drawing cats, this time it felt very natural. I really wish I could adopt this boy. Unfortunately, I think my dogs would eat him. :/

Texture from Bittbox.

I realized that I’d forgotten to post a mini-MUNNY commission I recently finished: Master Chief from the Halo video games! This is the second Master Chief I’ve made, and he’s a bit more brightly colored than the first one. This one is for a kid, so I figured brighter colors would work better. I also used a different – and hopefully more durable – clear coat for this one. I used Super Sculpey over the mini-MUNNY base, baked it, coated the whole thing with Gesso, and painted it with acrylics.

Master Chief and Halo were created by Bungie Studios.

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