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Livestreamed Commission

April 20, 2010

I wanted to post this sketch commission from yesterday. I drew it while broadcasting on my Livestream page. It’s super fun working while other people watch, and I can chat with them a little bit at the same time. I don’t dare use a microphone, because, really, who wants to hear me mutter and clear my throat the whole time? XD If anyone is interested in catching on of my Livestreams, by the way, I always Tweet about them and post them to my Facebook page. On Twitter, you can also search the hashtag #artcast, and you’ll see all kinds of people who are doing Livestreams/Ustreams.

Lastly, I got some helpful feedback on the 12 Week Challenge OGSM, so here’s an updated version. For Week 3 we need to come up with 10 companies, publishers, art directors, or manufacturers that we will contact as part of the challenge, and plan out 6 portfolio pieces to create in the next 3 weeks. I. Am going to be. So busy. =___=;

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